О профессии юриста на английском

Диалог о работе на английском языке




  • Hi, Nancy! How do you do?
  • I am pretty good, Mark! Tell me what is your job?
  • I am a broker. I followed the steps of my father who helped me to climb the career ladder. Now I am a very successful broker with a potential income of 1 million a year.
  • That is pretty impressive.
  • You do no say. Tell me about your occupation.
  • You know I am a baby-sitter. I have been working with one family for a year and a half. This boy’s name is Danny and he is two years old.
  • That is a very nice profession.
  • I can not argue, I like it.
  • And what is your husband doing for a living?
  • He is an actor in theater, he is playing Hamlet.
  • Oh yes, I have seen him on stage several time this year.